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Textbooks and dictionaries perform important cognitive functions, that is why every student must be provided with all the important materials for their education. But, unfortunately the price on academic books is sometimes very high and not every talented student can afford to buy such literature. That is why, recently ACCE members, who take care of talented students, have came up with a brilliant idea, on how to make manuals and dictionaries more affordable. They have decided to create an e-store for academic books resale. This means that school graduates will be able to resale their academic books to younger students. ACCE members think that everybody will benefit from such a innovation.:

It is planned to build the online store on the basis of Magento content management system. And it is a great news. Magento is one of the most popular online shopping management systems in the world. What is more, Magento platform is free open-source software, so ACCE members won't spend a lot of money on e-store development. Also, due to easy magento checkout, student won't spend a lot of time on registration. Academic literature will be available and affordable for every student 24/7.

ACCE members have presented one more interesting idea. It is planned to set up a book club on the basis of our school. So, if you are interested in literature, you can become a member of a book club and spend a great time discussing the world's best sellers together with your mates. If you are interested, you can learn more about scheduled book club events in Magento Calendar on our website.

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