Summer Programs

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JHU/CTY: Summer programs available vary by location and age of student.  The children do have to pass a cut point on the appropriate assessment in order to be eligible.


Comment: My child enjoyed the session called �Through the Microscope� .  It was held in Alexandria at a private school.  The content was very rich, challenging and presented well by the teachers.  The food was also very good!

Summer Programs: We�ve listed some information on summer programs below that our children have enjoyed.  Please note that we�re not endorsing these programs.

Camp Shakespeare: Two-week sessions which immerse

the campers in all things a Shakespearean

stage actor needs to interpete his plays. 

Ends in the campers performing a Shake-

speare play on stage for parents and families. 



Comment: A definite favorite in our household. 

The play was edited for length, but otherwise presented with the original language intact.  The campers alternated through the main parts, so everybody got some time in the spotlight.

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PM software seminar

PM software and its application in today's world. The program is created for anyone interested in the cutting-edge technologies. The whole course is designed for children aged from 15 to 18 years. During the month, the leading experts in the field of project management software development, as well as the specialist of modern management practices will share their knowledge and experience with the participants of the course. Here you child will be able to find out a lot of useful information about the advantages of project management software and its role in the success of modern enterprises. This program is devoted to the study of recent trends in the field of project management software development. At the end of the course, children will be proposed to implement their own projects using obtained knowledge and software tool for project management provider by Easyprojects our sponsors. This program will be very useful for children who have decided to enter technical or management universities.


Arlington Public Schools:


Global Village� �This is an academically challenging, fast-paced program for highly-able students.  Students will learn about world cultures and global issues through multi-media technology, language experiences and hands on learning.�

APS Summer School 2006 catalog page 14


Comment: Global Village is a summer camp that runs for three weeks. You are assigned a home country and you also get to visit five or six other countries. You do lots of fun arts and crafts projects related to the countries that you study. While studying Guatemala, for example, we made plates with pictures of some of the animal gods in the middle and painted them. You actually learn about the culture and history of the countries.


Kid Biz� �This is an academically challenging, fast-paced program for highly-able students.  Through hands on activities students will understand that unlimited wants and limited resources require that choices be made.�

APS Summer School 2006 catalog page 15


Comment:  This also lasts for three weeks.  The kids visit a

printing press to learn about publishing, they visit a restaurant and talk with the owner about business issues, and they publish a book they write about Arlington history. Also he can watch different educational dvds for kids which will teach him what is right and what is wrong.  My child started applying concepts like "opportunity cost" in regular conversation.

Other Summer Programs:

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